SpinCat self-rotating jetting tools are included in the Hydropulsion range of Wellbore Cleanup tools.

Hydropulsion Ltd has been the Factory authorised international dealer for over 18 years, supplying the SpinCat family of downhole rotating wash tools, spare parts, accessories & custom solutions to clients globally. 

The SpinCat family of tools provides a durable, controlled rotation solution for well intervention operations.

Jet reaction force powers the rotation of the head and an internal centrifugal speed control mechanism maintains rotation speeds to maximize jet power delivered to the tubing walls. Using only a few rotating jets, each jet is bigger to convey hard-hitting power.

Replaceable jets are efficient and clean recesses and irregular surfaces without damaging the well pipe. Over forty years of waterjet engineering back the SpinCat design, setting the standard for rotary nozzle performance and durability.

SpinCat tools have a straight flow-through design with a leak-free high-pressure seal, so pump power is not wasted. The tools can be used at temperatures up to 200°C, with up to 30% HCL and Nitrogen injection.

As well as the standard Nozzle / Head configuration, the SpinCat can be customized to suit specific cleaning requirements.

Spincat SC-125

The SC-125  1 1/4" Spincat provides well intervention teams with an advanced solution for 1 1/4” CT BHA’s requiring a “slick” or Slimhole profile.

Proven effective in wells with small ID restrictions, heavy scale deposition, and a history of entry challenges, the SC-125’s smooth profile aids reaching target depths the first time then delivers powerful impact force and dwell time to enhance perf stimulation and clean-out objectives.


SpinCat SC-287

Engineered Specifically for Downhole Cleaning and the Removal of Plugs, Scale and Failed Linings

The SC-287 - 2 7/8 Spincat self rotating washtool can be used at operating pressures of 1000 to 5000 psi and flow rates of 1 to 3 bpm (40 to 120 gpm). It has a 2-3/8 PAC inlet thread.

SpinCat SC-250

The SC-250 offers a reduced rotation speed thereby maximising cleaning efficiency.

The Spincat SC-250 2 1/2 Spincat self rotating wash-tool delivers powerful cleaning force where needed and quickly restores production without causing damage to difficult to access pipe and can be used at operating pressures of 1000 to 5000 psi and flow rates of 0.7 to 3 bpm (30 to 120 gpm).


SpinCat SC-212

The SC212 2 1/8" Spincat is a mid-sized rotary jet wash tool.

The Spincat SC212 can be used at operating pressures of 1000 to 5000 psi and flow rates of 0.8 to 2 bpm (32 to 80 gpm). It has a 1 1/2″ AMMT inlet thread.

SpinCat SC-168

The SC168 1 11/16" OD SpinCat provides a simple and reliable, self rotating solution for downhole coil tubing operations.

The Spincat SC168 can be used at operating pressures of 1000 to 5000 psi and flow rates of .7 to 1.33 bpm (30 to 56 gpm). It has a 1″ AMMT inlet thread.

Jetting Nozzle Inserts

Stainless Steel & Carbide Nozzles

We recommend using CNP2 Nozzles where filtration is poor, abrasive solids are present, or for very high flow. Otherwise we recommend Attack Tips. StoneAge Attack Tips are the best quality, longest lasting tip we know of. The flow straightener corrects power-robbing turbulence, ensuring excellent jetting results.

Milling Tools

Our Junk Mills, Scale Mills Taper Mills Washover Burning Shoe's etc are manufactured from AISI 4145H Modified Steel and are available in a variety of standard sizes. Hydropulsion Mills can be customised to suit your size, connection type and hard-facing requirements.

  • The Hydropulsion wide range of Mills are designed for milling several types of obstructions and loose debris contained within the wellbore.
  • The aggressive cutting inserts our Mills are dressed with ensure high material removal rates resulting in reduced milling times.
  • Our Hydro-Mill is especially efficient in the removal of Scale & Cement, The design of these incorporates a small contact area that reduces the torque on the motor, reducing stalling.

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