We specialise in the supply of engineered solutions for a wide range of well interventions.

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GMASS is a Gas Management And Separation System for use in drilling and well intervention operations where underbalanced conditions are present and when liquid / gas separation is required.

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The SpinCat family of tools provide a durable, controlled rotation solution for well intervention operations.

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Nozzle Inserts

The longest lasting, highest quality jets made

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Stoneage, 1 1/4″ Spincat now field testing.

The Slimhole SpinCat SC-125 is one tough little tool, and one of the only 1.25 OD CT rotating wash nozzles available. The origin of the SC-125 design is StoneAge’s patented UHP hydroblasting tool technology. http://info.stoneagetools.com/field-test-new-slim-hole-spincat
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New addition to the SpinCat family

The SC-287 is the newest member of our family of SpinCat downhole cleaning tools. Armed with a viscous fluid governor to control rotation speed this tool uses fewer jets, thereby maximizing jet power. Larger, slower jets actually produce harderhitting cleaning...
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